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Fy889.com sports news, here's how the big sports events you missed are similar year after year! In 2019 China sports had a spectacular, pioneering innovation, encouraging the spirit of entertainment also a year when he comes, he comes he with 'global coming the temperament of the Beijing 2022 Olympics held, mascot launch on September 17th national winter sport training center in Beijing shougang park hockey hall was held. "Ice mound mound" is designed and created based on panda. Ice, a symbol of purity, strong, is the characteristics of the winter Olympic Games. Dun dun, meaning dunhou, health, lively, lovely. "Snow rong rong" with the lantern as a prototype for the design and creation. Snow, a symbol of white, beautiful, is the characteristics of snow and ice movement; Tolerance means inclusiveness, tolerance and mutual learning; Melt, meaning fusion, warmth, know each other melt. Web celebrity also includes naturalized players of Chinese soccer (naturalized players refer to players who voluntarily and voluntarily obtain the nationality of another country and obtain the legal qualification to participate in international competitions on behalf of another country in addition to their birth nationality). The newly appointed marcello lippi has brought a new direction to Chinese football. He may leave, but the door that has been opened will not be closed. From hou yongyong and li ke at the beginning of the year, to elkesen really put on the national football shirt, from the descendants of the players to the true sense of the naturalized players, this has become a milestone event in Chinese football. At present, players such as Alan, golat, fernando, aloisio and Browning have all made the transition under the Evergrande, and the national team will get extra help in the next 40. However, it is a pity that the performance of the Chinese men's football team in the qualifiers is still... But the women's volleyball girls really give us a long face in the new China's founding 70 years of the occasion, the Chinese women's volleyball team with 11 complete victories to win the championship, to honor their "raise the national flag, play the national anthem" oath, to the founding of the new China 70 years of a gift. It can be said that the women's volleyball World Cup 2019 has demonstrated the energy and confidence of the Chinese people and inspired generations of people to move towards higher goals. It is the mentality of a world champion and a great nation that has made great achievements. The 7th world military games was held in wuhan, hubei province on October 18, 2007. More than 9300 athletes from 109 countries took part in the games. The games set up 27 major events and 329 minor events. Military athletes from all over the world challenged the limits with indomitable perseverance and climbed to new heights, breaking 7 world records and 85 international military records. The PLA sports delegation won 133 gold MEDALS, 64 silver MEDALS and 42 bronze MEDALS, ranking first in the gold medal table and the medal table, making a historic breakthrough in the world military games. Soldiers brothers soldiers sisters are amazing!! 2019 is coming. We are about to usher in a brand new 2020. Are you ready

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